Video Production

Proper Mental Productions is a full service video production company. We develop and produce video content from commercials, music videos, documentary, to digital and branded content video for the web. We work with all budget sizes and can work international projects in any language required.


Our experienced production team oversees all the steps throughout your project, from prep to post:
We scout and secure your shoot locations, obtain all necessary film permits and insurance, cast talent, manage and coordinate production, hire and negotiate crew, arrange transportation, rent equipment, and get tasty and healthy catering.


We are a focused and efficient creative production team, we love what we do and our clients love working with us too. This is what we do.


Creative Concept

Develop/Write Pitch

Script Development


Find Directors

Draw StoryBoards



Location Scouting
Film Permits/Insurance

Casting Talent

Wardrobe Fittings

Production Design

Set-up Pre-Pro Meetings
Rent Camera/Lenses/Gear

Book ALL Crew

Set-up Tech Scout

Manage Budget/Prod. Book


Coordinate Shoot Day(s)

Call Sheet and Maps

Shoot Schedule

Talent & Location Releases

Stay Within Budget

Handle Petty Cash

Collect/Manage Footage

Coordinate Catering

Promote Recycling On Set


Return ALL gear/props

Coordinate Edit/VFX/Sound

Deliver HD Video File(s)

Deliver Wrap/Prod. Book

Deliver Actual Budget

Filming Locations

Proper Mental Productions also manages and offers several different filming locations in and around the Los Angeles area for our clients and other production companies to consider for their shoot. Take a look at our film locations. Contact us here if you want to scout any of these locations.